Welcome to Game Arts Academy

Game Arts Academy is an online digital arts school. We are committed to providing affordable digital arts training with the goal of eliminating student loan debt.

We believe in a try before you commit model of learning. Dip your toe in the water and see if this is the right line of work for you without committing to borrowing life-ruining debt.

We are a community of game industry veterans who have a passion for passing on our knowledge to the next generation of game developers and digital artists.

Mission Statement

Game Arts Academy is an elite game art development program that adheres to these 4 core principles:

Develop Next-Gen Content

To study and to be aware of current industry trends. Use the latest industry standard tools and workflows.  To create visually striking, high fidelity content.

Team Work

To reach the desired goal of industry worthy portfolios we strive to always be of assistance to fellow classmates and to the instructor. By sharing knowledge, resources, and workflows we all learn and grow exponentially.

Personal Self-Improvement

Aside from creating content GAA strives to be a place of personal empowerment and spiritual growth for all who take part.
– Personal limits will be faced.
– Challenges will arise to be conquered.
– Personal confidence and self-worth will improve.

To Connect with the Larger Game Development Community

GAA strives to provide more opportunities for it’s cohorts by improving networking skills via social media. Extended efforts will also be made to create a network of studio partners.