Creating Complex Props for Games
Learn the exact workflow for how to create a cinematic level game prop, step-by-step from start to finish.
Learn How To Make This Antique Typewriter, Step By Step
(And Develop The Skills To Make Any Prop This Well)
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This in-depth course is around 60 hours. This short 3 minute video will show you why it's well worth your time and what you will get out of completing it.
Why do you need to know how to make advanced props to go pro? 
If you are serious about game art and design as your career you need to be able to make high-quality complex props. And you need to be able to make them fast as well.

All 3D artists need to master the fundamentals first. And props are the foundation of all 3D environment art.

If you want to be a character artist, you first need to be a good environment artist. Nobody breaks into the industry at any level starting in character art. The best entry point into the industry is in environment art. And to be a world-class environment artist, you need to be a world-class prop artist.

In this super in-depth course, Dylan Abernethy walks you through the exact same workflow he uses to create the props he makes in games.

This course would cost well over $2,000 in any college game art program...
But you get it for free for life!
(Tell your game artist friends about it!)
You Are Only Steps Away From Becoming A World-Class 3D Artist
In this tutorial, we will be going over the entire workflow, from start to finish, on how to create a cinematic level game prop. This entire process is provided in both real-time, as well as a time-lapsed version, with all project files included for each chapter. No paid plug-ins required to follow along. Get started today to become a world-class 3D artist tomorrow!
In this course you will learn:
An easy and efficient workflow that uses Z-brush for high poly modeling. Included is the whole workflow from beginning to end. Learn how they are doing it at Ubisoft.  
How to use Substance Painter the right way for realistic texturing that tells an effective story.
How to render and present your portfolio pieces effectively so they are never ignored again. 
A repeatable workflow process that maximizes quality and minimizes time and can be used for every prop asset you ever create again. 
Ready to Build Complex Props With Ease?

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