I want to give you my course library for becoming a professional 3D artist for free.
Get Your 6 - Course Library: Exclusive access to my proven step-by-step beginner’s training course library that will take you from zero to almost hero skills so you can know if this is the right career path for you.
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Did you know?

You don't need an expensive college diploma to prove you can do the job of a professional 3D artist!

Learn everything you need to know to make it in this field without life crippling debt!

And if you are a graduate, our beginner series will make sure you have all your base skills covered before moving on to the advanced courses. 

These are just a few of the latest wins from students who are already implementing what you'll learn in the free training...
"Your classes taught me important things to create a good workflow, which will improve my chances for securing work since I will be able to accurately and quickly make models."
Laura Maier | Beginner 3D Modeler
"Along with the instructional videos you made for us I believe you gave us all an amazing head start in this path."
Jenny Sherwood | Level Designer at VividBlue Ltd
"I can confidently say GAA played an immense role in developing my skills. I can't imagine doing all the work I did without any help."
    Serge Calame | 3D Artist @ Nomis Digital
"The program offers high-quality courses that give everyone a chance to learn at their preferred pace and comfort level."
Alexander Pinto Lobo | 3D Artist
"Well made, very comfortable that's all in the same folder and includes practice materials"
Elizabeth | Environment Art Student
"I think that this course was a very good base for me, as a future 3D modeler, and now I'm not afraid to make more complex models."
Maria Kniazieva | Freelance Environment Artist

Want to make art like this?

Check out what are students are creating in our training programs
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At GAA, we hold a very high bar of excellence for our students but don't take our word for it, the artwork speaks for itself!

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