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For Aspiring Game Artists

Only 1% of aspiring game artists who attempt a college game art program will ever earn a dollar as a game artist (freelance, employed, or otherwise). Our library of introductory digital arts courses allows you to dip your toe in the water, or even jump in the deep end to see how you swim, before committing considerable (and finite) time and financial resources to an idealized career path that might end up being the worst decision you ever made.

For Students In College Game Arts Programs

If you are already in school and are committed to finishing it, we can help you ensure that you maximize the value you stand to gain from your investment. And if you want to drop out and minimize your debt, we also have programs to help you finish what you started. We do this through mentoring, coaching, and accountability support systems to help you

For Graduates of College Game Arts Programs

The biggest problem is that most colleges will leave you on graduation day with a fancy piece of paper, some knowledge in your head, some skills in your hands, but very little if any impressive art in your portfolio to prove you have the skills and knowledge. We run 3 Portfolio-Building Boot Camps each year to help advanced artists master their craft and create world-class art that doesn’t just open, but kicks down doors for them.

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Now more than ever, if you want to be successful working from home and online, being a part of a community is vital!
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We’re On A Mission

To make world-class game art education affordable and accessible to 10,000+ students so that $250,000,000 of life-ruining student loan debt is never created

From Unsure to Hired – Sarim’s Story

“I just landed my absolute dream job in the industry and I would not have been able to do it without this course!

Game Arts Academy was exactly what I needed to take the next step in my career from an artist working in indie/architecture to working full time at a studio. Trying to do everything on my own would have been possible, but very difficult. With Eddie’s one on one feedback as well as the feedback of the others in the course, I was able to take my art from amateur to professional. Anything I struggled with or wanted to know more about, I was able to learn here with direct helpful feedback.

This course truly paid off better than I could have ever hoped for. I grew as an artist so much due to this course and thanks to the one on one support and guidance I landed an Intermediate 3D Modeler position at Get Set Games!

Not only will the art you create during the course be top notch, you will learn the skills to do it over and over again, and go back and polish your older work. You really learn how to best present and sell yourself.

I came into this course struggling with lighting and composition as well as presentation. I feel I strengthened all my weaknesses and now am very confident in those areas. Having a veteran of the game industry at my side to give me quick helpful feedback on the art I was making was immeasurable. The weekly lessons always taught me something very useful, and I feel gave me a leg up in the industry. I can not recommend this portfolio building boot camp enough. Game Arts Academy was exactly what I needed to take the next step in my career.”

  • Sarim Ali

We don't like to brag, but we're kinda changing the game.

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Graduate From Game Art School With World-Class Expertise, An Impressive Portfolio, and Not a Dollar of Student Loan Debt

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