Sometimes I get up and I don’t feel like doing ANYTHING!

Can you relate..?

One day I’m crushing it and getting a lot done.

The next day, I’m lucky if I even have the motivation to go to the bathroom.

I see this happened with myself and my students all the time… Keep in mind that working on a portfolio piece is like a marathon.

After a while, you just get sick of looking at the same thing day in and day out ?

So if it’s been weeks or even months since you’ve worked on anything and you know you should really get back to it but can’t What can you do?

Start small and gradually get back into it.

Just do something to feel accomplished, even if it’s opening the program and looking around.

After a while of doing tiny tasks, you’ll slowly start crushing it again.

?? Let me know if you have any tactics for getting back on track in the comments.??

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