What would you do if you finally had a shot of landing the job of your dreams doing what you love? What if it was so close that you could taste it?
The interview process seemed to have gone very well, you’re sure you are going to get the job. You are nervous but confident.
You tell your family about it. You tell your girlfriend, you tell your colleagues. They can feel your excitement.
You studied years for this. You’ve grinded countless times into the night. You learned all you could about this field. You paid your dues and worked a bunch of menial jobs to get here and finally the day arrived and you got that interview. You can hardly sleep.
The next day you wake up and check your e-mail and it’s from them!
Your heart beats faster as you load up the e-mail. It seems to take forever to load…you open it and as you read each line, your heart begins to sink. “Sorry we’ve decided to go with a more experienced candidate.”
As you read the words, despair starts to settle into your soul. You can feel it in your stomach.
So what would you do if this happens to you? Would you give up on this “dream” of yours? Would you think of perusing something more realistic?
” I hear IT candidates get hired” you tell yourself. “Maybe I’ll study that instead” Would you try an easier path?
Or would you do what Game Arts Academy student Julien Bernier did? Reflect on the lessons that this experience has to offer, continue to push forward and share .
you see, this is Julien’s story. It was a hard pill for him to swallow. He decided to do something that people seldom do: He put himself in the shoes of the employer. He realized that they were looking for the best person for the job. He understood that this only meant that he needed to train and learn more. This gave him the fuel to try harder than he ever had before.
After reflecting, Julien saw that the lesson from this experience was valuable. He decided to get to work and create a video about it and share what he learned.
Here is that video:
Julien’s reaction is what I call a “winners attitude”. And it’s a rare thing in this society.
It’s easy to give up on your dreams.
It’s easy to work any old job to survive.
It’s easy to blame the employer.
It’s easy to sleep in and be hopeless.
It’s hard to face rejection and keep going.
It’s hard to be humble and realize you have more training to do.
It’s hard to get out of bed the next day.
It’s the hard things that are worth it in the end. Only the hard fought battles mean anything.
This is becoming a world of instant gratification and culture of entitlement. The ones who stand out are the true courageous ones.
Fate favors The ones who stubbornly will not accept anything but the best for themselves. The brave, the bold and the tenacious.
Living and perusing the life of your dreams takes guts.
It means failure after failure and being mature enough to learn from those failures.
It all pays off and what you end up gaining is not a job or a dream career, but a transformed YOU.
you become refined version of yourself. It’s only possible by facing your trials and realizing that’s what they are: Trials to be overcome.
Thus is the game of life. Like the digital games we so love to play, you beat one level and you move on to the next, then you face the boss. In the case of “real” life the boss always exists inside of us. One more of our own obstacles to triumph over, one more level and yet another adversary.
Life begins to unfold. The mystery reveals itself to those who have overcome. Dreams achieved and aspirations acquired.
So my friends, let us learn from Julien Beriner. With his winners mentality and his never-ceasing spirit of learning and growing.
This attitude, can be your attitude if you realize that it’s all meant to make you stronger. It’s all meant to make you into the person you are destined to be. The person that this world desperately needs.
May each new day inch you closer to a new you. May you be blessed with the resiliency to always get up after falling down. May you have the strength to dust yourself off each and every-time. May each “failure” be a stepping stone in the right direction.

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Peace to you,

-Eddie Faria