Did you know getting a job as a 3D artist in a film or game studio is all about who you know, even more so than your experience or portfolio?

When I think back to my 13 year career as a 3D artist, I recall that almost all my jobs were the result of someone I knew getting me the job.

So, if it is still a dream of yours to get hired in this booming industry what are you doing TODAY to build your network and relationships?

If this is something you’ve been neglecting up until now then I’m sorry to say but you won’t get very far.

You can go to networking events and meet people in the industry all you want but you still need to nurture the relationship after the initial meeting.

This is where the power of Linkedin and having a solid presence and profile makes all the difference.

It always amazes me to see aspiring 3D artists neglecting their Linkedin profiles and not taking full advantage of it to build a network that will get them a job.

As a hiring manager and art director, The first place I turn to when I need to hire someone is Linkedin.

I’m usually appalled by how in the 3D art industry, aspiring artists simply create a profile, then forget about it, Sometimes for years!

So what can you do to make sure you have your bases covered when it comes to online networking as a 3D artist using Linkedin?

Here are a few quick tips:


1. Make it a part of your daily routine to reach out to 5 people a day


Do you dream of working at that big studio one day? one thing you can do to set yourself up right now, is reach out to the people that work there and make connection requests.

When you make a request make sure you also send them a personalized message. Don’t be lazy!

Check out their Artstation account and let them know what you like about it. Also let them know you are looking to make connections, build your network and one day plan to work at their studio.


If you don’t know what to write them, you can copy and paste this script:

Hi [first name]

I checkout out your Artstation account and I really like [artwork name] it’s really inspired me to make art like that.

Has this whole situation effected your work much?

I thought I would reach out and connect with you. One day I plan on working at [studio name]. Right now, I’m building my professional network.

Thank you and talk to you soon!

[your name]

Do this everyday, regardless if people reply or not and you will start to make some great connections that you can leverage in your career pursuits.


2. Post Content Daily.


Now that you are building your contact list, how do you nurture those relationships?

One way is to always be showing up on your new contact’s news feed.

you want the people on your list to start seeing you as a thought leader and influencer. Try to post engaging content that will start a conversation with your contacts and followers.

This is the best kind of content

Talk about what’s going on in the industry, your challenges as a student or graduate.

The more vulnerable, open and honest you are, the more people will respond to you in a positive way. Try getting comfortable with getting on video and speaking from your heart then posting it.

Post everyday if you can, the more people see you, the more they remember you.

This can benefit you HUGE when it’s time to look for a job.


3. Learn how the Linkedin Algorithm works.


Did you know that Linkedin will show your content to more people depending on what you post?

The best content to post on Linkedin in order are:

1. Live Streams

2. Video

3. Linkedin Articles (blogs)

3. Written posts

4. Sharing Links (offsite)

Linkedin wants it’s users to stay on the platform as much as possible, so that means if you are regularly posting content with offsite links you get flagged and go into “Linkedin jail”

What is Linkedin Jail? this means that Linkedin will show your offsite links to as few people as possible. Also everything you post in the future!

It takes a long time to get out of jail so be careful!

Alternatively, Linkedin LOVES original content that gets it’s users engaged.

When you are thinking about what content to post try to keep in mind what will start a conversation and get people talking.

Try to reply and like every comment on your post.

Doing this will boost your message and Linkedin will show it to more people.


4. Update your Linkedin profile and make it more professional 


Did you know there are subtle psychological messages you are communicating with what you have (or don’t have) on your Linkedin profile?

– No profile picture

– Desperate sounding headline

– No art portfolio links

– Outdated contact information

– Poor description of job experiences

These are just some of the blunders I see aspiring game artists make on their profiles all the time.

So how can you make the best possible Linkedin profile and make it look professional?

There are too many things to list in this

e-mail so what I’ve done instead is made this Linked profile guide for 3D Artists

you can download it here for (no sign up needed):


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Before getting started with outreach, I want you to use that guide and make sure your profile is up to par.

Alright, that’s it from me for today.

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Ok, take care and stay healthy!