A Project By Nick Dobrijevic

The course is very in-depth, it not only provided me with an amazing end product but gave me the skill set and tools to landing a job in a very competitive industry.

I found it very hard as a recent graduate to find the time to complete personal projects.

Having a system in place to hold me accountable for reaching milestones and personal goals for projects was so important. This course allowed me to practice and discipline my time management skills in a productive way.

The knowledge and experiences from an industry veteran like Eddie is invaluable. Having a mentor that has worked at AAA companies gives you an edge before you even walk into the interview.

I would say commit to it, it will be challenging at times but the only way for you to really improve is to push yourself.

The most rewarding thing about the course is that it pushes you to be a better artist, the end results speak for themselves.

– Nick Dobrijevic

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