For this challenge, download the free environments found through the Epic Games Launcher.

You can find them through the learning tab.

Start from scratch, and delete all the lights and re-light all the environments.

Go on to YouTube, and learn “Architectural lighting” to apply the principles and techniques to your downloaded game levels.

I personally recommend going on to Artstation and checking out all the other artists that have re-lit the free environments.

This is important because you want to see how others who have done this same exercise have done it correctly, and can now show they have the pro-lighting skills needed for employment.

Gather references from your favorite movies, and try to replicate the lighting and mood into these downloaded environments.

Some of the best UE4 environments to try your lighting are:

The sci-fi bunk
The underground subway
The Sun Temple
The Particle effects cave

Here is one I did…

You may not have been taught this, but lighting is the most important skill for producing a high quality environment piece that will capture attention and get your art seen.

And if you want to study a ninja-level lighting master, search for “Koola ArchViz Lighting” on the Unreal Engine forums.

You can find them HERE 

He’s pioneered architectural quality lighting techniques in UE4, and can teach you how to go under the hood of UE4 light mass. If you don’t know this, you’ll get smoked by those who do.

Before we go on to the next skills-building challenge, ask yourself:

On a scale of 1-10, what is my current skill level with lighting?

If I pitched my art as is in an interview today, what would the hiring manager think of my lighting presentation and how impressed (or unimpressed) might they be?

OK. So hopefully those questions got you reflecting on your current situation with lighting your art and the importance of getting this specific skill dialed in..

You have your marching orders get to work!