The Problem

The biggest problem I see is too many wannabe 3D artists try to do this all on their own and all by themselves.

Even with knowledge of what’s going on in the industry and a solid career strategy plan, this is hard for so many reasons:


  • REASON 1: without a tribe or supportive peers and mentors, you will give up when it gets hard. And it will always get hard.


  • REASON 2: practicing in a community of practice with others who will hold you accountable is the best way to maximize your productivity if you struggle with procrastination and distraction.

    Working with over 50 students over the last 2 years in out online school, I’ve heard from pretty much all of them that it is very hard to stay focused and motivated when working at home by yourself. The internet is endlessly distracting and it’s easy to waste a day or days with things that entertain you and don’t hel;p you master your craft and make great 3D art.


  • REASON 3: It creates a healthy sense of competition. Nobody likes to watch others win while they lose.And while this isn’t an explicit competition of a finite game with clear winners and losers, it is an infinite game where all payers help all other players to continuously improve and become better than they were the day before.


As I mentioned in the previous video, this game art industry is looking like it’s very resilient and even antifragile to the huge economic hits that the lockdown caused.

But it is also waaaaaay different from when I was getting into it back in 2007-2008. There’s more competition than ever before, and the labour supply side has ballooned while the labour demand side has grown steadily. 

Using the “game of musical chairs” metaphor, there’s fewer and fewer chairs (jobs) and more and more players (artists)… so more and more people are going to be left out without a chair when the music stops.

This is what it is, and there’s nothing anybody can do about that.

But there are ways you can improve your chances of winning (or at least staying in) the game, and that starts with having a solid strategy. And the most important part of your strategy right now where you are is not doing this alone.

Some people are outliers and they can make things happen for themselves without any community or coaching. Without any outside support or structure, they can blaze their own trail and figure it all out on their own. They need no help or accountability from anyone, and make it look easy.

But these people are the rare exception. And I don’t advise this approach for my students.

So the best advice I could give you is: